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The World’s First AppSec Operating System

Frictionless security for your engineering ecosystem,
at the speed of CI/CD
Cider Security platform is now available on AWS Marketplace



Continuous DevOps Requires
Continuous Security

End-to-End Visibility

Gain granular visibility with engineering technologies, systems and processes, all the way from code to deployment.

Frictionless Integration

Easily connect Cider to your ecosystem and seamlessly integrate security without interrupting engineering.

Contextual Security

Optimize your CI/CD security, based on a set of prioritized risks and recommendations tailored to your environment.

Bottom-Up CI/CD Security:
Optimal Coverage Tailored to Your Technical DNA

Full “Technical DNA” of Your Engineering Environment

Cider seamlessly integrates with all systems across your CI/CD and provides you with a comprehensive and accurate analysis of all technologies, frameworks and integrations which exist in the environment.

Map Your Paths to Production

Cider maps all intelligent connections within your environment to create end-to-end visibility over the full CI/CD journey – all the way from SCM user to an artifact deployed to production.

Reduce Your CI/CD Attack Surface

Assess the posture of your engineering systems and processes. Analyze your environment against realistic attack scenarios and identify the controls required to reduce your CI/CD attack surface.

Marketplace Tailored for Your DNA

Cider’s marketplace allows you to easily integrate multiple scanners and engines tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of your environments – enabling you to maintain robust and comprehensive security oversight over the code and assets you ship to production.

Clear the Noise and Remediate

Cider aggregates all code issues from our marketplace scanners under a single pane of glass, allowing easy and effective prioritization of remediation activities across all your development contexts. Issues are automatically detected and shifted to the appropriate owners using our automated workflows.

Security Customized to Your Stack

We support all technologies across your stack, from code to deployment.
Our ready-to-use integrations, including 35+ scanners and engines, take seconds to deploy – and address all your requirements for releasing secure software at scale.

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