Control Your Application Security From Code To Deployment

Security and Engineering teams across the globe use Cider’s AppSec Operating System to effortlessly secure their engineering ecosystem through complete, continuous visibility.

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Effective AppSec Starts with Optimal Visibility

Achieve full, continuous observability of your entire engineering ecosystem – from source to deployment – within minutes. Cider’s “InCider” provides full context of all assets and technologies in your engineering ecosystem, allowing you to choose the AppSec controls and measures which are best suited for your environment.

One AppSec Operating System to Secure Everything

Secure your Code
Prevent code and artifacts with security flaws and misconfigurations from reaching production and easily implement secure development capabilities tailored to your technical stack without disrupting existing engineering processes.
Secure your CI/CD
Analyze your attack surface and achieve full prioritization of CI/CD security risks to optimize your CI/CD posture across your entire software delivery chain.
Secure your Supply Chain
Control all 3rd parties throughout the entire engineering ecosystem.
Map your entire supply-chain attack surface to identify and fix potential supply chain vulnerabilities.

A Complete AppSec Program Tailored
to Your Engineering Ecosystem


Natively integrate each system within your software delivery chain – from SCM to K8s.


Our “InCider” creates a complete “Technical DNA” of your software engineering ecosystem, including development languages and frameworks, 3rd party dependencies and technologies, CI/CD pipelines and plugins, container images, and more. The “InCider” graph will provide your team with dynamic visualization of your attack surface and allow you to contextualize each asset through a complete understanding of the relationships between all assets from code to deployment.

CI/CD Security Posture

Analyze your CI/CD systems and pipelines inside out. Identify exploitable risks, visualize attack paths and provide remediation plans for your DevOps and AppSec teams. Obtain a distilled, prioritized set of controls and measures, tailored to your ecosystem and required to optimize your CI/CD security posture.

Scanner Orchestration

Use our scanner Marketplace to easily implement all scanners required for your technical stack across multiple categories, including SAST, SCA, IAC and Secrets. Implement scanners without changing or disrupting engineering processes, and ensure continuous, optimal coverage of your entire technical stack through our scanner orchestration policies.

Blend in with the Ecosystem

Allow Engineers and Security practitioners to consume the data they need to consume, exactly when and where they need to consume it. Shift distilled, prioritized CI/CD security risks and code issues to their designated owner based on custom workflows, to identify critical vulnerabilities before they make their way to production.

Cider Security has been acquired by Palo Alto Networks