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CI/CD Goat now supports GitLab in a brand new challenge

Exciting news – we’ve released a new version of our CI/CD Goat CTF platform, a deliberately vulnerable CI/CD environment. We decided to release a new version with a shiny new challenge, after our previous 10 challenges were enthusiastically received and widely adopted by the security & DevOps communities.

The most significant addition to the platform affects the Source Control Management system (SCM), where previously we used the lightweight source control Gitea, but this time around we’ve added a very popular CI/CD component to the mix – GitLab.

Without spoiling the party, what we can say is that this challenge is extremely testing, involving a wide variety of GitLab features such as SCM, CI Runners, Package Registry and Container Registry.

We dare all you security & DevOps folk to try and solve this unique challenge! A cool prize for the best-published write-up shared among the community is up for grabs. We will also raffle 10 of our goat swag kits to anyone who solves the challenge.

You can find more details in the link below.

Happy hacking to you all!

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