Cider App for Slack

With Cider App for Slack, customers can receive digested reports with a summary of new findings and activities, and notifications on code vulnerabilities, exposed secrets, security risks, and misconfigurations across their CI/CD pipelines found by Cider directly in Slack.

Subscription to automatic digested reports can be done from the Cider Notification settings page. Slack notifications can be automated as part of a playbook Cider customers can define with the Cider Workflows feature or by manually clicking on Send to Slack option within a Cider finding to selected users or channels.

Set up the Cider App for Slack


The following steps describe how to integrate your Slack

workspace with the Cider Web Application.

Step 1

Login to the Cider Web Application and navigate to the Settings → Integrations tab

Step 2

In the Ticketing & Notifications section, click Add Item, and choose Slack. It redirects you to your Slack workspace to approve the Cider Slack application


Step 3

Review and approve the Cider Slack app

App permissions

Cider App for Slack requires the following permissions:

  • channels:read
  • chat:write
  • chat:write.public
  • groups:read
  • users:read
Cider Security has been acquired by Palo Alto Networks