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Cider Security’s AppSec Platform is Now Available on AWS Marketplace

TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cider Security, the industry’s first AppSec Operating System, today announced the availability of its platform on AWS Marketplace. Cider Security’s solution is designed to provide organizations with a comprehensive, unified platform that allows security and engineering teams to build, manage, and orchestrate tailored AppSec programs – in seconds.

AWS customers can now easily access Cider’s platform, which automatically creates a seamless asset inventory of the customer’s engineering ecosystem to identify threats, exploitable risks, and vulnerabilities across the CI/CD environment.

“The AppSec domain has continued to grow steadily. The reality of today’s diverse and rapidly evolving engineering ecosystem requires organizations to find effective security solutions that allow security teams to keep up with the pace of engineering,” said Guy Flechter, Co-Founder & CEO of Cider Security. “Cider’s solution allows organizations to implement and manage their AppSec programs – tailored to the modern engineering environment – to ensure fast, secure, and scalable software delivery. We are excited to be able to offer our solution to AWS customers as part of our growth.”

Platform Highlights:

  • The InCider solution provides real-time observability into a company’s CI/CD pipelines and gets a complete inventory of all organic and supply chain technologies used throughout the engineering environment.
  • Quickly identify and fix security issues across all systems and processes within your CI/CD environment, including misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, risks, and exploitable attack vectors.
  • The Cider Marketplace, a Scanner-as-a-Service, provides access to dozens of hand-picked open source scanners.

Cider is the only platform that provides a holistic view- all the way from code to production, across all engineering and CI/CD systems. The company’s mission is to solve the most commonly encountered challenges CISOs and security engineers face today in an accessible and comprehensive way.

About Cider Security

Cider Security is a first-of-its-kind AppSec Operating System that provides Security and Engineering teams a single, consistent method to orchestrate and implement end-to-end CI/CD security through a single, unified platform. The company takes a holistic approach to the security of the engineering processes and systems, from code to deployment. It establishes a comprehensive Technical DNA of the engineering environment, giving Security teams the transparency and visibility needed to optimize AppSec and achieve full resilience. Founded in late 2020 by cybersecurity industry veterans, Guy Flechter and Daniel Krivelevich, Cider Security’s mission is to solve the most commonly encountered challenges CISOs and security engineers face today.


Cider Security has been acquired by Palo Alto Networks